E- pedal scooters are now also available in downtown Stuttgart. Inform and borrow here.



Lime, the Californian supplier of electric scooters, offers its green-and-white painted, battery-powered electric scooters with the memorable lime disk symbol for rent in the centre of Stuttgart. Initially, 100 of the electric scooters were set up in Stuttgart.

A Lime-E-Scooter can be rented and parked anywhere in the city centre. There are no fixed stations for rental or return.

The map on the smartphone app can be used to locate the location of the next electric pedal scooter. The smartphone app scans the QR barcode available on every Lime scooter. This unlocks the eScooter and you can start immediately.

The rental fee is (as of August 2019)

- for the unblocking 1,00 Euro
- for every minute or part thereof 0,25 Euro

At the end of the trip, you simply park the E-scooter on the side of the road. Even if there are no fixed return stations for the Lime scooters, they must not be parked everywhere. The Lime-Smartphone-App informs where the scooter can be parked.

Important: The electric pedal scooters are not allowed to drive in the pedestrian zone or on sidewalks in Stuttgart. They are regarded as bicycles and are therefore bound to cycle paths. Where there is no cycle path, you may/must ride on the road with the electric pedal scooters.

A helmet obligation does not exist. However, Lime recommends wearing a helmet, after all, such a Lime electric scooter drives at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. However, a helmet is unlike the -> Stella electric scooters of the Stadtwerke Stuttgart not provided by the operator.

No driving licence is required for the journey, according to the traffic regulations the minimum age is 14 years. The minimum age for borrowing e-scooters from providers such as Lime may vary and is usually 18 years.