The TIER e-scooter rental company offers now its scooters for rent in the city centre of Stuttgart. Here you can find information about TIER scooters and prices.



TIER, the Berlin-based provider of electric scooters also offers an app on their smartphones (Apple or Google Play) that allows users to find, unlock and pay for electric scooters. The barcode of the electric scooter is scanned with the TIER app or the scooter number is entered manually. To end the ride, all you have to do is tap a button on the display.

The same applies to the TIER electric scooters as to the use of all other electric scooters in the city of Stuttgart:

there are no fixed return stations for the TIER scooters, but this does not mean that you can park them anywhere. The TIER app informs about the legal parking places

E-scooters must not be used on pavements or in pedestrian zones. They are considered bicycles and must be ridden on cycle paths. Where there is no cycle path, TIER scooters will ride on the road

There is no obligation to wear a helmet, although head protection can be useful at speeds of up to 20 km/h. However, a helmet is not provided, unlike, for example, with the -> Stella Electroscooters

No driving licence is required for driving, according to the road traffic regulations the minimum age is 14 years

The same rules apply to driving under the influence of alcohol as for other motor vehicles allowing a maximum of 0.5 per thousand


The rental fee at TIER is (costs e-scooter as of February 2020)

  • for unlocking 1,00 Euro
  • cost for each started minute is 0,15 Euro

The minute price is thus 10 cents cheaper than the competitor Lime and the same as with VOI.


Buying a TIER Scooter: The company TIER has, according to its own statements on its homepage, committed itself to being completely climate-neutral from January 2020. One part of the climate-neutral concept is the processing of the discarded scooters, which will then be offered for sale.

So if you have enjoyed driving a TIER scooter and would like to own one yourself, you can buy your own in the myTIER shop.


The link to the current TIER app can be found on the homepage: