Stuttgart is one of the six German locations of the car sharing provider car2go.

This means that registered users can rent and park a free car2go vehicle at any time within the Stuttgart city area including Böblingen, Sindelfingen, Esslingen and Gerlingen. Using a smartphone app, free vehicles can be found and unlocked. The calculation is made to the minute according to driving time.

The car can then be parked on any public parking lot. This also includes parking spaces in parking ticket zones or residents' zones, which are normally subject to a charge. The car2go app also helps here and displays the next free parking space. Those who park the car2go car outside the so-called drop-off zone pay an additional fee. Also renting or picking up the car at the airport is charged with an extra fee.

In Stuttgart, car2go offers purely electrically powered vehicles of the Smart and Mercedes B-Class models. Rental prices start from 0.24€ per minute (as of 2019). Recently, the minute price has become flexible within a fixed price range. If there are many vehicles in one area and demand is low, the price drops. Conversely, the price per minute increases if the demand in an area is higher than the supply of available vehicles. The price is displayed in the car2go app before the rental and does not change during the rental period of the car2go vehicle.

In addition to the price per minute, there are also package deals that include a fixed number of minutes/kilometres.

By the way, if you connect a car with a low charge level to a charging station instead of parking it somewhere, car2go will reward you with free minutes.

More details and current information can be found on the provider's homepage: