Electric scooters from ZOOM bring the ex-GDR "Schwalben" design to Stutgart. Here you can find the details.


ZOOM SHARING E-Scooter in Stuttgart

ZOOM Sharing is an e-scooter rental company that offers its e-scooters in the Stuttgart city area according to the free floating principle. As with the ->Stella scooters, the scooters can be rented and parked anywhere in the ZOOM business area.

The current business area can be viewed via the ZOOM Sharing App and also via ->the homepage.

The design of the Zoom scooters is based on the well-known models type "Schwalbe" from former East German production. So if you want to ride a cult scooter in retro design with the latest technology, you should try the E-Swallow from Zoom. The maximum speed of the E-scooter is 45 km/h and is completely sufficient for a ride in the Stuttgart city area. Especially since the maximum speed in Stuttgart has been limited to 40 km/h and on most side streets the speed limit is 30 km/h anyway.

If you want to cruise through Stuttgart with an ZOOM E-Scooter, you first register via the ZOOM Sharing App. For the registration a fee of 10 Euro is due, which is partly credited as free minutes. The price per minute for a ride with the Zoom E-Scooter is 0.24 Euro.

You need to let your driving licencse being verified first. To do so take a photograph of your driving licencse with the app to activate your profile. A Zoom e-scooter can be driven with the German car driving licence (class 3/B).

With the ZOOM Sharing App you can find the location of the next free scooter. After unlocking the scooter via the app, the helmet box opens, which also contains the vehicle key. In addition to two helmets (large and small), the top case also contains hygiene hoods.

Those who are not yet familiar with operating an electric scooter will find detailed instructions with many pictures on the homepage of the rental company.

-> Click you visit ZOOM Homepage