Stadtmobil is a cooperation of various carsharing companies with Stadtmobil Stuttgart AG as one of the members. The rental and return takes place at fixed stations for a period of time defined at the time of booking. There is a dense network of stations in the Stuttgart city area, well over 100 according to the provider's homepage. The vehicle fleet is extensive and ranges from small cars to station wagons, minibuses and convertibles. Electric vehicles and hybrid models are also available.

In order to be able to use the offer a registration is necessary, whereby an admission fee becomes due. Most tariffs include a monthly fee, the only tariff without a monthly fee has higher travel costs. The actual rental price then depends on the vehicle class and is made up of a time component and a kilometre component.

Reservations can be made by app, online or by telephone. Registered users can also rent cars from Stadtmobil partners in any other German city. Stadtmobil Stuttgart Carsharing is also a partner of polygoCard.


-> The offer from Flinkster for Stuttgart.
-> The offer of car2go for Stuttgart, especially for short distances and spontaneous rental.