Stuttgart museums

Here you will find a list of the most famous museums in Stuttgart. But there is much more. If you are looking for a museum or an exhibition on unusual topics such as pig museum, tram museum, fire brigade, viticulture or other unusual topics, take a look here: Wikipedia: List of museums in Stuttgart
  • The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart dates back to its foundation in 1843 and shows 12,000 square metres of painting from the end of the Middle Ages and sculptures from the 19th century onwards. It houses around 5,500 paintings and sculptures and also has an extensive graphic collection with around 400,000 works. The main focus of the collection is on Classical Modernism with works between 1900 and 1980. A room still furnished by the artist himself is available for the works of Joseph Beuys.

    Regular special themed shows make the museum a rewarding destination for art lovers.

    The extension, the Neue Staatsgalerie, opened in 1984 and was designed by architect James Stirling. At the time, its monumental design and the use of many quotes from the history of architecture triggered strong controversy. The design was also internationally recognized and is today considered a masterpiece of postmodern architecture in Germany.

    The museum is open daily except Mondays,